Hotel Santa Lucía. Hotel Boutique, Cuenca, Ecuador | FAQ
La casa donde funciona el Hotel Santa Lucia, fué construida en el año de 1859, y durante este tiempo sus paredes fueron testigo de de hechos y momentos muy importantes en la historia de la Región.
Hotel Santa Lucía, Hoteles en Ecuador, Cuenca Hotels, Cuenca, Hospedaje en Cuenca Ecuador
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How do you view the availability?
Enter the dates you want to stay in the window and on-line booking system will automatically indicate availability.

What are the requirements to make a reservation?
Be registered on the website of Boutique Hotel Santa Lucia and have a personal credit card with sufficient quota.

How do I check the prices?
Daily page item notified by the special rate or daily, or possibly at the time of the consultation of availability the system will show the same rate that does not include 22% tax.

How do I register in the website?
Initially log in register
Enter your email and password in the same
Complete the personal data requested database
Choose a password
Start session

When making a reservation is confirmed it?
At the time of booking this application into the system and if your details are correct and the credit card # that income does not present any restriction or lack of space we will send a booking confirmation with all the benefits that includes the same.

On page rates are the best?
One of the advantages that includes register at the site of the Hotel Boutique Santa Lucia is the possibility of finding the best prices, promotions and assignments to be considered more than a VIP.

I can request an invoice for my business?
The time of booking in the system and approved the information submitted Shall the hotel will charge for the 100% of the reserve and issue an invoice to your name with the data base exposes us, If you need an invoice please send us comments on your business data as well as any additional request you require.

I can cancel your reservation through the page?
Once the on-line reservations can not be canceled, only to change within the next 48 hours, depending on availability.

I can make the reservation with a credit card that does not belong to me?
For the purpose of reserves is recognized only registered customer card.